Position & Advice DVD


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The modren sexy woman is a DVD for young ladies preparing for marriage. It is also beneficial to those already in marriage. It offers practical experience and knowledge based on my own marriage and lessons from thousands of women I have interacted with.

Segment 1

Understanding sex and hygiene

  • Personal
  • Bedroom
  • Vaginal


Segment 2

Looking sexy 24/7

  • Not just lingerie
  • Maintaining your sexy body and health

Segment 3

Managing and owning your marriage

  • The Do’s and don’ts
  • Being self sufficient
  • Earning his respect
  • Food matters

Segment 4

Family friends and in-laws

Segment 5

Communication and the four season of marriage the 4D’s

  • Spending quality time – picnic sites, getaways
  • Dreams
  • Drama
  • Discovery
  • Depth

Segment 6

  • Finances

Segment 7

  • Bridal affairs

Your man’s sex life

  • What is his language of love?
  • Resolving issues
  • Bonding
  • Sex picnics
  • Reconnecting with him


Segment 9

  • Seduction
  • Lovemaking


Segment 10

The one stop shop woman

The art of being a

  • Super wife
  • Better lover
  • Hoe
  • Sex positions





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