Zuena Turmeric Soap


How to use the Zuena Tumeric Soap
You should bathe with your regular soap first then use Zuena Tumeric soap on your face only twice a day (morning & Evening).
– Use your hands only (no face towel) to make a lot of foam
– Rub on your face for about a minute (don’t use as a facemask)
– Rinse off with cold or warm water
– At night don’t apply any lotion or oil on the face
– In the morning use a light moisturizer if you are going outside to protect from sunburns

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The tumeric soap is a vegetable herbal soap that removes and stops pimples as well as spots remaining after pimples. Its ideal for acne and sun burns. It evens the skin tone without bleaching. Leaving one with a youthful smooth skin.


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