Art of seduction – 19 steps to a hand-job

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Sometimes a man need a little help getting it up especially when going for a second helping. Or it could be that day you as a hot girl in bed decides to bring on the play and show him who is boss, by teasing him until he begs you to stop!

Here is how to touch and excite Mr. Victor like a pro!


Who is this seduction training for?

Our online NLP seduction course has been written for:

  • Men and women of any age, who are at the start of their journey,
  • those already on a journey that is not yet as successful as they would like,
  • those in a relationship who would like to invest in it further and/or
  • anyone who would like to explore authentic seduction.

Although the examples we use have been drawn from straight relationships, the principles of attraction and seduction apply to all.

What challenges does our seduction course address?

At the journey’s start – This can be incredibly challenging if you don’t have any good role models, you might feel embarrassed that nobody notices you and that you don’t have anything to say.

You’re not yet successful, or as successful as you want to be – You might start believing you’ll never find the right person, that you’ll always attract the wrong person, and that there might be something wrong with you.

You want to build on the relationship you have – You, or your partner, may have been unfaithful, and you want to put that behind you; you may have seen other couples break up, and you want to stay together; you’ve seen other couples have solid relationships and you would like the same – or better!

What are the benefits of our seduction training?

As well as helping you to address the challenges mentioned above, our courses will help you develop skills in many areas of your life, not limited to your relationships. For example, the things you learn will benefit your career, financial freedom and health.

Picking any development area and putting in the sacrifice and work to improve your results will ‘tune up’ many areas of your life.

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